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Travel & Lodging

Lodging certificates often have restrictions ("the fine print") or limited availability.  We recommend you call us to *set aside* certificates for you, prior to booking a room.  This avoids the need for a refund if there's no availability, or other circumstances arise.

1: Call us at 360.736.3321 to request certificate(s) be *set aside* for you before booking a room.

2: Call the hotel to book lodging. Inform them you'll be using lodging certificates.

3: Once lodging is booked, contact us to purchase the certificates that were set aside for you.

4: Upon check-in, give the hotel clerk the certificate(s), or whatever process the hotel requires.


*Allow ample time to obtain your certificates before your actual hotel stay. If you purchase online, allow ample time for postal delivery.  You may also purchase in person at 1635 S. Gold St. Centralia, or via phone to make special arrangements.

*We are not able to deliver electronic versions of certificates.

*We are not open on weekends. However, you may purchase online 24/7.